Our Mission

Well-Paid Maids is a living-wage home cleaning company delivering excellent service to our customers while providing our employees with the compensation, security, and dignity they deserve

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Our Approach

Unlike our competitors, all of our maids are employees – not contractors – who receive health, dental, and vision insurance, disability insurance, sick leave, vacation, holidays, and a living wage. By paying our employees what they deserve, we hope to set an example that will raise living standards throughout the industry

A Living Wage
Health, Dental, and Vision Coverage
Sick Days, Holidays & Vacation
Disability and Workers' Compensation
Employees - Not Contractors
Safe Products


News  09/18/2021

“When the Biden administration announced an upcoming mandate that employees be vaccinated or tested regularly at companies with 100 or more employees, business leaders responded with a barrage of questions. Among smaller companies, one loomed especially large: Why 100? It’s an appealingly round, easy-to-remember number, and it captures a broad swath of the American work […]

News  02/25/2021

“A Living Wage Made a World of Difference To Him: Nishad Sayem, who now earns $18 an hour, was able to stop working two jobs and invest more time in taking care of his disabled father. CNN’s Vanessa Yurkevich reports on the debate over raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.” [Read more…] […]

News  09/28/2020

Aaron Seyedian closed his housecleaning business, Well-Paid Maids in Washington, D.C., for four and a half months before reopening in early August. Even when his employees weren’t working, he paid $5,000 a month toward their health insurance, including vision and dental. “I didn’t think the right thing to do was to kick my employees off […]


Melissa R.

Fantastic experience every time from the online booking system, to the communication we get before, during, and after a cleaning. Our apartment always looks fantastic.

Patricia C.

The attention to detail was incredible, and my home has never looked tidier. I am so impressed by the quality of the service! I will be signing up for regular cleanings.

Spencer L.

It’s best to start at the end: when I came home from work yesterday, I was blown away by how impeccably clean our home was. No surface went untouched and undusted.

Stuart F.

Johanna was assigned as our cleaner, and she was phenomenal. The place looked amazing. I figured the job would be done well given Well Paid Maids’ high reviews, but I was still very impressed.

Kelly L.

Trust the 5 star reviews for Well Paid Maids. Cleanings are very thorough, team members arrive on time, and I feel great contributing towards a company that I know pays a living wage.

Gwendolyn F.

I appreciate the social value of this business but wouldn’t recommend it if the service weren’t excellent…I’m happy to support a business that supports its workers with a decent wage and benefits.