Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What extras may I purchase?

The following extras are available:

Inside Fridge - Cleaning the interior of the fridge

Load of Laundry - Wash and dry one load per your instructions

Inside Cabinets - Cleaning the interior of kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Interior Windows - Cleaning windowsills, blinds, and windowpanes

Inside Microwave - Cleaning microwave interior

Load of Dishes - Washing one load per your instructions

Baseboards - Dusting and cleaning baseboards throughout your home

Finished Basement - Cleaning common areas in a finished basement

Vacuum Furniture - Vacuuming of all upholstered furniture

Change Sheets - Changing all bed sheets (new sheets must be available)

Deep Cleaning - Cleaning for an additional 2 hours; suggested for homes not cleaned for >30 days

Inside Oven - Cleaning inside of the oven

Break Down Boxes - Deconstruct and remove cardboard boxes to the trash area

Clean Trash Cans - Scrub and sanitize kitchen and bathroom trash cans inside and out

Expired Goods - Sort through your fridge, freezer, and pantry and dispose of expired products

Put Away Toys - Pickup and organization of toys throughout the home

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Yes. Please call us or email [email protected] with the name of the recipient, their email and/or home address, and the desired amount.

When can I expect my cleaning to start?

We try our best to arrive right on time. However, due to traffic and/or the unexpected difficulty of a prior cleaning, arrival times may sometimes be delayed. If your cleaner is running late, they will call or text you to let you know.

Can I designate a subset of rooms to be cleaned?

Yes. Just book a home size reflecting the subset of rooms you desire cleaned and please indicate which rooms those are in the "Home Access Instructions / Parking / Other Notes" portion of the booking platform.

Do I have to be home for a cleaning?

No. You can always arrange a key drop-off or buzz our employees in. You may also book our first cleaning of the day to let us in before work. Please just detail anything we need to know about accessing your place in the "

Do you clean offices?

Yes. But we do not offer direct online booking for office cleanings. Please email [email protected] to set up a cleaning for your office.

Is Well-Paid Maids pet friendly?

Yes! We love pets and pet owners. There is no extra charge for homes with pets. Please leave any special pet-related instructions in the "

Do you bring your own supplies and equipment?
Yes. We bring our own equipment and cleaning products. All of our cleaning products can be viewed on the Products Used page.
What is included in a cleaning?
All interior rooms will be cleaned. Cleanings include a complete vacuuming and mopping of all floors as well as counter top, table, mirror, and major appliance dusting and cleaning. Sinks, toilets, showers, refrigerator exteriors, and oven exteriors are all a part of our standard cleaning. Additional items, such as refrigerator or microwave interiors, can be added through our booking system.
Will I have to pay a fee if I cancel?
If cancelling less than 3 business days in advance, we require a $150 cancellation fee. This fee is used to cover your cleaner's missed shift and protect their income. To cancel, please call us or email [email protected].
What should I do if I need to reschedule or cancel?
Just give us a call or email us at [email protected]. We ask that you please reschedule no less than 3 business days in advance. Rescheduling or cancelling less than 3 business days in advance will result in a $150 cancellation fee.
Is Well-Paid Maids extremely expensive?
No. We strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible despite paying our employees a living-wage plus benefits.
Who works for Well-Paid Maids?
Check out our team on the About Us page.
How can I be sure my payment data is kept safe?

Our website uses SSL encryption to keep all your information safe. In addition, all payments are processed through Stripe or, ensuring that your credit/debit card information goes through their systems, not ours.

What is your service area?

We serve the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. 

What is your satisfaction guarantee?

If you're not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. If there is a problem with your cleaning, please give us a call to schedule a free follow-up cleaning.

Health & Safety

Do you do construction, renovation, or repair clean-ups?
No. Construction, renovation, or repair clean-ups could unsafely expose our employees to harmful substances such as asbestos particles or lead paint dust. Please hire another company that provides their employees with the equipment and training necessary for cleaning up after construction.
Are your cleaners fully vaccinated / what are your COVID-19 protocols?
Yes! We have a vaccine mandate and all cleaners have been vaccinated. In addition to being fully vaccinated, all cleaners will wear a mask when inside your home. We ask that you please do the same when sharing space with one of our staff members. Finally, please know that staff are never encouraged to work when sick and that our policies conform to that. All cleaners have 20 days of PTO per year that they can use in case of illness.
Are all employees subject to a background check?
Yes. We use GoodHire, a leading background check provider, to evaluate all of our prospective employees.
Does Well-Paid Maids use safe / green cleaning products?
Yes. We select products based on their evaluation from the Environmental Working Group, the leading rating organization regarding product safety. We use the safest option available in each product category.

Legal & Liability

What insurance does your company have?
We are covered via Erie Insurance for general liability.
What happens if something breaks during a cleaning?

Our general liability insurance will cover damages up to $500,000 per incident. If anything goes wrong during your cleaning, please give us a call.


Why does Well-Paid Maids pay their workers significantly above the industry average?
Like many people, Well-Paid Maids wants the world we live in to reflect our values. Our company pays its workers a living-wage because we believe no one working a full-time job should live in poverty.
Where can I go to learn about other living-wage employers?

Check out Living Wage For US, a national living-wage accreditation program.

Are your employees unionized?

No. But, because our company supports the labor movement and collective bargaining, we do not oppose our employees forming a union.